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JOMEC, Cardiff University, Bute Building


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Anna Brees, Project Coordinator
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Data Journalism

Add new skills to your journalism portfolio and join us for a workshop that explores how the clever use of data can throw up stories that no-one else has found. And in the first NUJ Training Cymru Wales workshop of its kind, Cardiff University Data Journalism Masters students will be on hand to work with journalists on case studies.

What you will learn:

You will learn how to use publicly available data to find and tell human-interest stories for publication and broadcast or put a different slant on a story that’s being widely told. This will include local, devolved and central government as well as data from bodies like the Office for National Statistics. The workshop will also help you focus on what FOI requests you should be making in order to get data to boost your storytelling.

You will:

  • Find the raw data
  • Clean it
  • Visualise it
  • Tell it

Who is it for?

Working journalists and community journalists who want to start thinking about how data journalism can fit into their workflow. No previous data journalism knowledge is required, but some experience with spreadsheets (Excel, Numbers or Open Office) would be beneficial.

Participants need to bring their own laptops – either PCs or Macs.

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Projects Coordinator / Administrator

The project has received more funding from Welsh Government to take us to the end of 2018-19. Later in the year, we will hear whether we'll have an opportunity to bid for longer-term funding. The role of Project Coordinator/Administrator will be advertised in April 2018. This is a freelance, fixed-term contract and if you are interested in applying, details will be available on the website, under BLOGS

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