Ethical codes

Reviewed October 2016

Although internet publication internationally has few ethical codes binding it, in many countries web publication linked to publishing companies will be expected to adhere to basic ethical principles.

In the UK, newspaper websites are expected to comply with the requirements of the Editors’ Code, which is administered by the Independent Press Standards Organisation. This is currently under review and a new, amended code is expected to be issued in early 2016

Members of the NUJ also sign up to upholding its own code of conduct, which has several significant differences from the Editors’ Code.

Journalists are advised to watch news reports and the NUJ’s website for developments in this area in the coming weeks and months.


Written by David Banks, Media Law Consultant and Trainer. David runs the Law, Ethics and Copyright workshops for NUJ Training Wales.

Written By...

David Banks

David Banks is a journalist with 24 years’ experience and delivers NUJ Training Wales’ course on Media Law and Ethics. He is a media consultant delivering training to a range of national and regional media, NGOs, government, charities, PR companies, universities and the police. He is a trainer who has created and managed successful courses in journalism, media law and production journalism. He was co-author of 18th, 19th and 20th editions of McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists. He writes regularly on law and the media for The Guardian, The Mirror and The Independent. He is a frequent contributor BBC TV and radio news programmes.


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