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Lockdown Skillbuilders: Reporting trauma: How to work sensitively with traumatised or bereaved people


September / 5 / Sat  @  10:00 am  -  September / 5 / Sat  @  12:00 pm




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It’s commonplace for journalists to find themselves speaking to people who are going through some of the worst experiences of their lives. From door-knocks after a sudden death, to in-depth interviews with survivors, many of us spoken to recently bereaved families, victims of crime – and now, those affected by Covid-19.

But how many of us have received training in this crucial area of work? This ground-breaking course by BBC journalist Jo Healey aims to provide journalists with an understanding of trauma, and what we as journalists can do to ensure the comfort and safety of ourselves, and, more importantly, the people whose stories we tell.

What is it about?

The focus is on good practice for journalists when working with contributors who are emotionally vulnerable or hurting. This session focuses particularly on remote interviewing of people bereaved through Covid-19.

Why do I need it?

Reporters are regularly working with people who are suffering: bereaved parents, bullied teenagers, survivors of sexual abuse, people who are ill, maimed, emotionally and mentally struggling or grieving. Yet we have little (or nothing) in the way of guidance in how best to go about it.

What will I learn?

– Trauma awareness : what may your interviewees be going through, how may they behave, how to deal with it

– Good practice: some key adaptable skills to build your confidence

– Practical tips for sensitive remote interviewing of people bereaved through Covid 19

– Self-care: tips for protecting yourselves when covering trauma

How will I learn it?

You will be given clear and concise tips on working sensitively and how they may apply to the job in hand, and hear audio clips with people who shared their sensitive stories with journalists. There will also be a chance to share your experiences and expertise in covering sensitive stories, plus a Q&A.

About the trainer

Jo Healey is a senior TV news reporter. She developed and delivers the BBC’s entire in-house training for journalists in how best to work with emotionally vulnerable interviewees. She is the author of Trauma Reporting, A Journalist’s Guide to Covering Sensitive Stories (Routledge). Jo is a passionate advocate for embedding trauma training in student and working journalist learning. Jo is an Associate Trainer with the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma.


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