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Welcome To NUJ Training Wales

NUJ Training Wales continues with its practical, subsidised courses until March 2025 thanks to Welsh Government funding. We offer a range of courses for as little as £2.

We continue to respond to a dynamic and ever-changing media industry by adapting our training to help Wales’s media workforce in three key areas:

- to face the challenges of a post-pandemic world

- to gain new skills and diversify their work

- to stay mentally resilient and well

Our training is provided as online webinars and resources, as well as face-to-face courses in venues across Wales. We are also testing hybrid training models, and have begun rolling out some hybrid courses. We are also working with other training providers to offer self-guided courses and aim to widen access to accredited qualifications via limited grant funding.

As ever, our popular courses are taught by industry professionals who are skilled tutors with the ability to provide practical and topical insights into the developing media landscape.

Added to this, the courses are amazing value and, since the development of this Wales-based training project in 2009, are tailored to Wales, and offer the ability to network with other Welsh media professionals.

Courses are open to non-union professionals but it is NUJ members who benefit from the very lowest fees. We do not discriminate on your ability to pay – please get in touch to ask about free tickets, particularly if you have been made redundant, or are facing redundancy or financial hardship.

We regularly work in partnership with organisations across Wales, including employers, universities, charities and the media. If you or your team have a particular training need, please contact us and we’ll see if we can help.

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