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Launch your podcast in a day (ONLINE training)


October / 11 / Wed  @  10:00 am  -  October / 11 / Wed  @  1:00 pm




NUJ members resident in Wales £15.00
NUJ Member - Not resident in Wales £30.00
Members of other unions resident in Wales £20.00
Non-union members resident in Wales £25.00
Non-residents of Wales £35.00


NUJ Cymru Training Wales,
Email : [email protected]

Trainer – Dan Mason

What’s it about?

Podcasts are a great way to reach new niche audiences and build a loyal following. And with many podcasts relying on remote interviews, you can launch your podcast from home, for modest outlay.

So should you launch a podcast? Join this one-day online workshop and find out.

The hands-on training will take you step by step through the essentials of creating a podcast, from planning and recording to simple editing and sharing. All you need for the workshop is a computer with internet access, a smartphone or iPad, and a free podcast app. You’ll also need an idea for a podcast, which you can pursue beyond the day, or change when you’ve learned more.

The day is designed to keep the techy stuff to a minimum, so you can make the most of an interactive day of learning. While there’s only so much you can do in a day, this workshop aims to give you the thing that stops most people from taking the first step: Confidence. Yes, you CAN launch a podcast!

A PDF toolkit accompanies the workshop, including links to reasonably-priced microphones and other equipment.

Who’s it for?

Journalists, freelancers and creators from any background. No experience of audio recording and editing is required.

What will I learn?

The workshop is divided into three main sections: Plan, Produce and Promote.


Introduction: How does a podcast work?

Choosing a podcast niche and title

Deciding the style, duration and structure of your podcast

Choosing a podcast host


Recording your podcast using your mobile (iOS or Android) and the free Spotify for Podcasters app (formerly Anchor).

Microphone and recording tips

Finding music for your podcast

Tips on creating podcast art


Adding your podcast to a website

Tools to create social media podcast promos

What do I need to join?

To access the workshop: Laptop or desktop computer with reliable wifi connection. Free account with Zoom (, with Zoom application installed on your computer.

To create your podcast: Fully-charged mobile device (iPhone, Android). The free Spotify for Podcasters app (iOS and Android) downloaded and installed BEFORE the workshop.


This is an online course, run on the Zoom platform. Please note our courses are not recorded. See our full terms and conditions at for more information about our booking procedures, cancellation policy and more.

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