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Fast Skills Fridays: Spreadsheets made simple


February / 23 / Fri  @  12:00 pm  -  February / 23 / Fri  @  1:00 pm




NUJ members resident in Wales £2.00
NUJ Member - Not resident in Wales £10.00
Members of other unions resident in Wales £2.00
Non-union members resident in Wales £2.00
Non-residents of Wales £10.00


NUJ Cymru Training Wales,
Email : [email protected]

Trainer: SA Mathieson

As communicators we might be amazing with words, but many of us are terrified by numbers. If spreadsheets leave you cold – something you prefer to leave to accountants, data geeks and junior business executives in terrible ties – then this is the course for you.

This one-hour course will introduce you to three essential spreadsheet techniques:

· adding up (or doing other calculations to) a large set of numbers,

· applying the same calculation to a long list of numbers, and

· filtering data to find what you want.

Once you have mastered these building blocks you will be able to confidently create your own data sets or work with existing data to find the answers you need. Creating spreadsheets can help you keep track of your money, work commitments or published material, work collaboratively with others, as well as analyse other people’s data.

Before joining please get access to spreadsheet software, either Microsoft Excel (part of Microsoft Office which includes Word), Google Sheets (if you have a Google account, you probably already have this at and LibreOffice Calc (free, high-quality spreadsheet software that can be downloaded from We will use Google Sheets for demonstration purposes, although they all work in a similar way.


This is an Online course, run on the Zoom platform. Please note our courses are not recorded. See our full terms and conditions at for more information about our booking procedures, cancellation policy and more.

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