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Speechwriting with Matt Greenough

Good speeches matter. They can change the way we see the world around us. They can make us think, and act differently. Get them wrong and they can derail a business, or kill an idea stone dead. In this course we will learn from the best about how we can write speeches with impact and avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. We’ll cover effective storytelling, metaphor, humour and structure. This course also deals with how to present online, considering how zoom is changing our centuries-old approach to the art of a set-piece speech.

What the half day course will cover…

Speeches with impact

  • What makes a great speech?
  • How can we make any speech memorable?

Building blocks of a great speech

  • What do we do before we write?

Holding the room on zoom

  • Writing speeches and presentations for an online audience

Magic ingredients of great writing

  • Quick tips that can improve any text

Avoiding common mistakes

  • What are the pitfalls for writers and speakers to avoid?

Putting it all into practise

  • Writing assignment, feedback and Q&A
  • During any crisis it is vital to communicate clearly and convincingly. As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us, how we communicate can even be a matter of life and death. Changing approaches from governments and organisations show that differing communication techniques can have a direct impact on public trust and confidence.
  • No matter how brilliantly we organise, and how diligently we prepare, we will always be challenged by the unexpected – events beyond our control. That is when our leadership skills and our crisis communication plans really need to shine through.
  • This course is designed to challenge your thinking about how best to approach a crisis. We’ll cover the importance of planning and organisation; leadership and integrity; and language-use and media handling. We’ll learn from real world examples and the interactive nature of the course will allow people to work together on problem-solving.

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