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Fast and free digital tools for Journalists and Comms professionals – with Dan Mason

What’s it about?

As freelancers in the creative industries, we all face the same challenge: too much to do and not enough time to do it. We know there are online platforms and mobile apps to help with promotion, social media, productivity, finance and more, but where do you start when a Google search presents such a bewildering choice?

This half-day workshop focuses on a few tried-and-tested tools and approaches that help produce results on a shoestring. Think of it like a digital tasting menu. Of course, every creative professional has their own favoured platforms and workflows, so there will be time to swop tools and ideas too. An online toolbox with links to tools covered during the workshop (and more) will be shared on the day. To keep it simple, all the tools included are free (some with premium options) and easy to master.

Who’s it for?

Journalists, Comms professionals, Creative professionals, especially freelancers, including writers, musicians, actors and photographers. Content creators working with corporate, charity or community organisations are also welcome. Participants will be using an internet browser on a daily basis.

What will I learn?

This hands-on workshop will focus on a few core approaches and useful tools, with others available via a shared online toolbox. Participants will be required to register with and use selected cloud-based applications during the workshop. During the three-hour workshop, participants will try tools for:

  • Reading. Tools for following reading news, topics and online sources
  • Writing. Tools for writing, spellchecking, posting and sharing
  • Searching. Good sources for free stock images, music, icons and more
  • Organisation. How to create an online toolbox in Google Chrome, including links and ‘extensions’ for managing meetings, passwords, image editing, screencasts and more
  • Content creation. Quick online tools for editing images, video and audio
  • Networking and promotion. Tools for portfolios, email signatures, newsletters, collaboration and project management, plus freelance commissions

What equipment will I need?

  • A laptop or desktop computer with the Chrome browser installed (and without corporate firewall restrictions preventing website access, downloads and registration). The workshop is not recommended for those using only a smartphone or tablet
  • A Gmail address. You will be invited to register with online tools on the day, so easy access to your email account email may be necessary to confirm registration

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