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Build yourself as a brand with Emma Meese

Whether you’re a freelancer, employed by a news publisher or hunting for new work, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and ensure your online persona is working hard for you.

Like with any brand, a personal brand should reflect your interests and core values, and is interwoven into every word you write and every picture you upload.

This two-hour course is aimed at anyone keen to develop their own personal brand to make their work more visible or more saleable.

Who is the course aimed at?

Freelancers, journalists and individuals hunting for work.

On this course you will:

Find and define your audience.

Create a clear value proposition.

Learn how to show up online and be yourself

Find your tone of voice

Discover apps that will help you create your brand aesthetic

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June / 28 / Fri

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July / 5 / Fri

Fast Skills Fridays: Digital image magic


July / 12 / Fri

Fast Skills Fridays: Corporate writing for companies, governments and NGO’s


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