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Play to your Strengths

By Frances Dredge, Purple Pear Communications and Training IF YOU’RE thinking about improving your life in some way, whether it’s to do with furthering your career or beefing up your social life, you might find a few ‘positive psychology’ tips useful. Rather than poring over weaknesses and ways to correct them, this approach to self-development […]

Mentoring and Coaching: Just the skills I needed

Think about it. How often have you been talking to somebody and while you are meant to be in listening mode you are mentally rehearsing what you want to say next? … asks David Nicholson after completing the ILM Mentoring and Coaching qualification. To mentor or not to mentor?  That was the question I asked […]

Going freelance: A leap of faith?

By Christopher Evans As I stepped off the train and made the admittedly very short walk to the Maldron Hotel, a flurry of thoughts were popping in and out of my head. I was nervous, perhaps unjustly so for a thirty-one year old man, about the impending How to be a Freelance course that I […]

News UK launches journalism academy; Cardiff one of 5 cities earmarked for ‘recruitment’

Guto Harri first ‘leaked’ this information during his speech to the Royal Television Society Wales at the Pierhead in Cardiff in November 2013. The following blog was written by Roy Greenslade for Guardian Media on 29 January 2014: News UK has launched the News Academy, an initiative aimed at finding and training teenagers who wish […]

Why being freelance IS having a ‘proper job’

  By Rebecca Lees (now a full-time freelance journalist) The email from NUJ Training Wales bearing details of a ‘How to Freelance’ workshop arrived with perfect timing, just as I was contemplating handing in my notice. I’d already been freelancing for seven years, but for the last three had combined this with a part-time staff […]

Six things all journalists should know about the 2013 Defamation Act

This blog was written by Press Gazette editor, Dominic Ponsford, and appeared in the Press Gazette online, 2nd January 2014 The Defamation Act 2013 is now in force and creates big changes to the legal climate for all journalists working in England and Wales. Thankfully nearly all these changes are for the better. It is […]

To Freelance or Not Freelance …?

To freelance or not freelance, that is the question… …well for me, it is. By Claire Gardiner And it’s a question that an increasing number of us might be asking, given the repeated rounds of redundancies affecting large swathes of the media, particularly in Wales. When I was made redundant a few years back, I […]

“Careful what you wish for ..” says Guto Harri

News that the Sun might open a south Wales office got journalists sitting up with interest and tweeting enthusiastically. Not surprising really. After all, in a difficult media climate it would mean more jobs and freelance opportunities, so it could be good news. “With two Welsh teams in the Premier league, Dr Who in the […]

When the Worlds of Media and Academia Embrace

Uniting Research and Practice Expertise Exchange brought together five academics from Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies with five television professionals in a fresh format. The pairs were asked to engage with each other ahead of the event in a dialogue based on the academic’s work. The aim was to have a […]

Leveson’s Lovelies clean up at the Pub Quiz but JOMECa Brooks also impress

They came from as far afield as Culverhouse Cross, Llandaf and Splott and we now know that the capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo. The annual NUJ Training Wales Pub Quiz drew the great and the good of the South-East Wales media, especially Carole Green from ITV Wales who rounded up 15 journalists from the channel […]


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