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To Freelance or Not Freelance …?

To freelance or not freelance, that is the question… …well for me, it is. By Claire Gardiner And it’s a question that an increasing number of us might be asking, given the repeated rounds of redundancies affecting large swathes of the media, particularly in Wales. When I was made redundant a few years back, I […]

“Careful what you wish for ..” says Guto Harri

News that the Sun might open a south Wales office got journalists sitting up with interest and tweeting enthusiastically. Not surprising really. After all, in a difficult media climate it would mean more jobs and freelance opportunities, so it could be good news. “With two Welsh teams in the Premier league, Dr Who in the […]

When the Worlds of Media and Academia Embrace

Uniting Research and Practice Expertise Exchange brought together five academics from Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies with five television professionals in a fresh format. The pairs were asked to engage with each other ahead of the event in a dialogue based on the academic’s work. The aim was to have a […]

Leveson’s Lovelies clean up at the Pub Quiz but JOMECa Brooks also impress

They came from as far afield as Culverhouse Cross, Llandaf and Splott and we now know that the capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo. The annual NUJ Training Wales Pub Quiz drew the great and the good of the South-East Wales media, especially Carole Green from ITV Wales who rounded up 15 journalists from the channel […]

Working online? An ECHR judgement might leave you cold

ANYONE working online should be worried about a recent judgement in the European Court of Human Rights, which threatens those running reader comments. by David Banks The case is a seemingly obscure defamation action in Estonia, where a director of a ferry company sued Delfi, one of the main news sites there. Delfi had carried […]

Expertise Exchange, JOMEC 24 October

Click here for the original post on the JOMEC website and relevant links. This month will see the School host a unique exchange event which will pair the school’s academic researchers and lecturers with leading TV practitioners. The event is a collaboration between Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC) and the Royal […]

Risking the FOI Biscuit

By Jenny Sims ‘Please don’t ask the government how many packets of biscuits MPs get through in a year’ Maurice Frankel, Director of the Campaign for Freedom of Information (FOI) pleaded. Laughter among the dozen journalists on the NUJ Wales FOI Training Course. It’s not a state secret is it? No, but it’s the sort […]

Networking: How to leave a good impression

By Jenny Sims We met in a smart new Cardiff hotel room for one day. Employed, self-employed, unemployed and redundant. Male and female, 22 to 50+. Print & broadcast journalists, reporters, subs, producers, PRs, media trainers, travel writers, Arts reviewers and scriptwriters. (Hope I haven’t left anyone out)! If some of us were strangers on […]

Social media in the newsroom: It’s all about give and take

  By Dan Mason, journalist and trainer (Dan delivers our social media training in July) Most of us get into social media out of personal curiosity. We invest time in establishing our networks and personal branding. We’ve learned by our mistakes and our Twitter following is building nicely, thank you. So should you wince when […]

Is media plurality in Wales a pipe dream?

  Was it worth it? Will anything come of it? Will there be any more jobs or freelance work for journalists, or even more media coverage of the National Assembly for Wales as a result? In their new blog, MediaWatchWales, Jenny Sims and Lila Haines muse on the outcome of Addressing the Democratic Deficit in Wales, […]


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