Broadcast interviews: Key points

This resource was commissioned for the event, When Religion Makes the News, but it applies to anyone working in communications or PR.

  • Think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages before accepting an invitation for a TV interview
  • Decide who from your organisation should be interviewed
  • Find out beforehand the purpose of the interview, the context, the line of questioning
  • Is the interview live or recorded? Recorded interviews can be edited…
  • Prepare thoroughly in advance; determine your objective in doing the interview and your key messages
  • Choose your clothing carefully and check your appearance
  • During the interview, sit up straight, look at the interviewer, speak clearly
  • Avoid nervous mannerisms
  • Don’t read from prepared notes
  • Immediately before you start, ask what the first question is going to be
  • Remember your ultimate audience is the TV viewer
  • Get across your main point as quickly as possible – don’t let yourself be sidetracked
  • Correct any mistakes the interviewer makes
  • Avoid jargon or complex language
  • Avoid sounding hesitant
  • Don’t be defensive
  • Don’t let the interviewer have a harmful ‘last word’


Copyright of author, Christine Warwick, PR Consultant



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