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Introducing a series of self-guided CPD accredited courses to enhance your career, CV and employability. Simply select your course from the list below, click ‘Book Now’ and enter your choice on the booking form:

  • CPD Conflict Management 

Whether you are an individual looking to move into a team leader or management position, or an employer looking for conflict management training courses for their staff, we have got you covered. This conflict management training course provides the knowledge and understanding for how to recognise and manage different types of conflict at work. Also covered is how to positively support individuals through situations of conflict. 

  • CV Writing 

This course covers the main concepts of how to write a CV including the purpose and expected content, as well as identifying a suitable format for a CV, completing a CV and reviewing this for accuracy. 

  • Developing Personal Confidence and Self-Awareness 

This course teaches how to look at personal behaviours in situations where feeling confident or a lack of confidence, areas of low confidence, as well as uncomfortable social situations and the reasons for these. Review examples of behaviour which may be inappropriate in such situations, and how to change attitudes and behaviour to participate more effectively. 

Look at scenarios that cause stress, how to recognise feelings of stress and techniques to reduce it and improve well-being. Plan short-term goals, action plans to meet them, how to identify and record achievements, and how goal setting can affect confidence. 

  • Essentials Career Development

This career development training course is aimed at anyone seeking opportunities to help boost career development and self-development, both academically and socially. The Essentials Study Programme is targeted towards colleges, with the understanding that learners will undertake selected sections of content and assessment in relevant areas to develop their skills for life and work. 

  • Essentials Social Awareness 

This course is aimed at anyone seeking opportunities to help boost their skills for success, personal development and employability. The course covers social awareness and self-development, particularly in relation to communication skills, awareness of mental health conditions and understanding of nutrition and well-being. This course will also educate in online awareness, money management and current affairs. The essentials study programme is targeted towards colleges, with the understanding that learners will undertake selected sections of content and assessment in relevant areas to develop their skills for life and work.  

  • Exploring Job Opportunities 

Explore information about job options including how to find a job based on interests, experience, skills and qualities. Discover how to find realistic job options and next steps to enable application.  

  • CPD General Data Protection Regulation 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in Europe on 25th May 2018 and was designed to modernise laws that protect the personal information of individuals. It is essential that any company that handles user data ensures compliance with GDPR. 

 It is essential that anyone who handles personal information is aware of GDPR and how to adhere to it in their work practices. This GDPR course will provide a greater understanding of how to apply its principles in your work and how it promotes the rights of individuals in relation to data collection and management. 

  • CPD Principles of Internet Safety 

With over 65 million internet users in the UK alone, knowing how to stay safe online has never been so important. Whether you are an individual looking to increase your knowledge for personal or professional reasons, or an employer looking for internet safety training for your staff, this course is ideal. 

Relevant to all internet users, especially parents and carers, school staff, social workers, education settings etc, our CPD certified online Principles of Internet Safety course will provide you with a wide range of knowledge. It is designed to highlight particular areas of concern for internet users, such as sharing personal information online and the possibility of being groomed online, and it will increase your awareness of what the dangers are when using the internet. 

  • CPD Leading and Motivating a Team 

The ability to lead and motivate a team are extremely important skills. A good leader inspires and motivates people, making them work harder and be more efficient. This short course aims to provide the knowledge needed to understand how to lead and motivate a team. Learn methods of effective communication, how to motivate a team or individual and team development. 

  • CPD Organising and Delegating 

Business management courses are an effective way for individuals to gain skills that are beneficial for their career, and for employers to upskill their staff. Our CPD certified online Organising and Delegating course will give you the knowledge and understanding needed to deal with management responsibilities and improve as a leader. It will teach you how to develop your management skills, how to improve organisational skills and how to improve delegation skills.  

  • CPD Personal Money Management 

Are you interested in studying our Personal Money Management course? Need help achieving financial goals? This course aims to enable more careful thinking about money, specifically how to budget better and save money. Learn about interest rates and how they affect financial decisions. Become more aware of daily, weekly and monthly spending as the course encourages evaluating spending and how necessary this is. 

  • CPD Planning and Allocating Work 

Gain the key skills needed to effectively manage team members through planning and allocating day to day activities in the workplace. Our CPD certified Planning and Allocating Work course can open a variety of employment opportunities for individuals and provides employers with the opportunity to develop staffs’ management skills. It will build knowledge of the fundamentals of project planning and allocating work, as well as developing the core skill sets needed for team management, performance management, project management, and more. 

  • Preparing For Interviews 

This course teaches how to prepare for an interview, including body language, personal appearance, questions and responses, as well as how to listen effectively in an interview. 

Also learn appropriate body language, speaking and listening skills and asking for further clarification in an interview, as well as asking relevant questions using a range of techniques and identifying aspects of one’s own performance that were positive and that can be improved upon. 

  • CPD Prevention and Control of Infection 

An understanding of how to effectively prevent and control the spread of infection is crucial in ensuring that individuals do not unknowingly cause their family, friends, colleagues and any other people that they come into contact with to become unwell. 

By completing this course, you will be equipped with a greater understanding of how to prevent and control the spread of infection, both in the workplace and in the home. You will also gain knowledge of how to identify infections, as well as the different types of infection.  

  • CPD Principles of Sustainable Communities 

Sustainable communities are part of a growing trend towards becoming more environmentally aware and responsible, combining more green spaces with eco-friendly energy sources. 

Want to know more about sustainable communities? This course provides a definition of a sustainable community as well as the local and global benefits of them. Learn how to create a sustainable community and about the support available to help community members. 

  • CPD Principles of Sustainable Energy Management 

The move away from fossil fuels to green energy sources such as wind and solar power has been underway for a number of years. However there is still a long way to go to reduce carbon emissions. 

 This course has been designed to explain what sustainable energy management is, ways to manage energy usage and energy conservation techniques that can help reduce carbon footprints. Learn how to set energy saving targets and how legislation and international agreements might have an impact. 

  • CPD Safeguarding Adults and Children 

Relevant for both individuals wanting to upskill or employers wanting a training course for their staff and volunteers, having knowledge of safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is vital for any business, especially those in health and social care or childcare. 

 Our online CPD certified Safeguarding Adults and Children course covers key subjects such as how to recognise abuse and neglect, good practices for responding to allegations of abuse, safeguarding policies and procedures, and how to reduce the likelihood of abuse and risks of harm. 

  •  CPD Solving Problems and Making Decisions 

Whether you are an individual wanting to progress in their career, or an employer looking to upskill staff, skills in problem solving and decision making are a key element for any team leader or management role. Our CPD certified online solving problems and decision making course will provide the key skills, knowledge and understanding needed to carry out effective decision making processes and choose the best course of action. It covers subjects such as defining, investigating and analysing problems, data and information, evaluating problems, and planning techniques. 

  • CPD Stress Management 

Research shows that stress, along with anxiety and depression, account for 51% of all work-related ill health cases in the UK, so it is essential that people know how to manage stress at work. No matter the job role, business size or sector, everyone can experience stress, and employers have a legal duty to protect their employees from it.  

Our CPD certified online Stress Management course is perfect for individuals wanting to upskill for personal or professional reasons, or employers looking for stress management training for their staff. It will provide the key knowledge needed and covers subjects including the causes and impact of stress, symptoms, management techniques, how to provide support and reduce stress, and management responsibilities. 

  •  CPD Understanding Equality and Diversity 

Equality and diversity is a term used to promote opportunity for all, giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination. As well as recognising, respecting and valuing differences in people.  

Our CPD certified equality and diversity training course introduces key aspects of equality and diversity and the importance of this within the workplace, society and in communities. This equality training covers the main principles of equality and diversity, the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees in the workplace, diverse communities and the importance of working or learning in a place that promotes diversity. 

  •  CPD Understanding Leadership 

With an estimated 8 in 10 employees leaving their job due to feeling unhappy with their prospects, it’s clear that effective leadership training is a cornerstone of any good workplace. Whether you are an individual looking for a leadership course to benefit your career, or an employer looking for leadership training for staff, our Understanding Leadership CPD certified course is perfect.  

This leadership online course covers a range of subjects including the different types and styles of leadership, their effects on individual and group behaviour, how to develop an effective leadership style, and more. 


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