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Fast Skills Fridays – Maximising your Linkedin presence


June / 16 / Fri  @  12:00 pm  -  June / 16 / Fri  @  1:00 pm




NUJ members resident in Wales £2.00
NUJ Member - Not resident in Wales £10.00
Members of other unions resident in Wales £2.00
Non-union members resident in Wales £2.00
Non-residents of Wales £10.00


NUJ Cymru Training Wales,
Email : [email protected]

Trainer – Natalie Ann Holborow

Linkedin: it’s not the prettiest of social media platforms but if you’ve dabbled in building a profile only to give up, you might be missing out on a wealth of untapped knowledge and big opportunities to expand your portfolio. In this session, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to create a standout profile
  • How to build an engaged and relevant network
  • How to showcase your skills to start getting projects you can get excited about.

And the good news? You don’t need a marketing qualification or be tied up with posting multiple times a day to reap the rewards.

About Natalie:

Natalie Ann Holborow is a digital content specialist and an award-winning author with Parthian Books. She’s worked in instructional design for Thinqi, a learning technologies provider, where she now works leading the content strategy for the marketing team. Passionate about charity, she’s a patron of the Leon Heart Fund.

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