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Securing broadcast news coverage for your report or campaign with Richard Nosworthy

This half-day course will help you use the power of TV and radio news to influence decision makers, stakeholders and the public.

The course will take you through a strategic approach to developing a plan and messaging, engaging with journalists, and preparing content to achieve effective coverage. We’ll also cover how to support spokespeople and manage risks, as well as working bilingually.

Who’s it for?

Communications professionals and others working on non-profit campaigns who want to achieve political or public influence using the media.

What will I learn?

By the end of the morning, you will:

  • Understand how broadcast media can help you achieve influence and awareness
  • Learn what broadcast journalists are looking for, and how to engage with them effectively
  • Know what preparations you need to make to secure good coverage and manage risks

The course will look in particular at the Welsh context and include consideration of bilingual coverage.

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September / 13 / Fri

Fast Skills Fridays: Write the perfect press release


October / 4 / Fri

Sgiliau Cyflym: Datganiad i’r wasg


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