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Data Journalism

An essential course for journalists interested in finding, preparing, interrogating and visualising data for their reporting

The Internet has opened up a new world of information and data to journalists that can be used to find and verify stories. Our one-day course is an essential introduction to this new field, giving participants the knowledge and skills to treat data as a journalistic source.

Our expert tutor is Aidan O’Donnell of Cardiff University’s School of Journalism. He covers where to find data, how to prepare it, how to interrogate it and how to visualise any journalistic findings that result.

We work with real-world data sets and give participants the tools either to integrate data into the work they do already or to expand the kind of work they do through using data as a source. The course introduces participants to advanced techniques and indicate how they can build on the skills learned in this course. A basic familiarity with computers is required to navigate and manipulate web-based resources.

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