Course Details

Social Media: Taking it a Step Further (for intermediate to advanced users)

Duration: One day


This workshop will help participants build stronger relationships through social media, increasing reach and achieving measured results with modest resources.

The workshop will focus on some of the key areas for developing a structured approach to social media, including listening and search, social media management, content curation, verification and measurement. Depending on group experience and sector, an element of liveblogging may also be included.

Platforms will include (of course) Twitter and Facebook, but expect appearances by Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Tout, Vine and Pinterest.

Who’s it for?

• Journalists, PRs and charity communications professionals.

• You are using Twitter and Facebook regularly, both for personal and professional use, probably using a combination of computer and mobile, and possibly tablet. Uploading video to YouTube is probably a piece of cake and you like to try out new networks as they come along. Now you want to take your use of social media to the next level, becoming more efficient, effective and influential.

• Depending on interest, the workshop can be geared towards social media in the newsroom, for freelances, and/or for those working in the corporate, local government or charity sectors.

What will I learn?

By the end of the day you will have learned how to …

• Become more efficient in managing an increasing daily deluge of social content

• Search for social content, generate story ideas and establish monitoring feeds using advanced Google search techniques plus a range of online tools and resources

• Establish a target audience and share online content at the optimum time to build reputation and following

• Understand the importance of using social media responsibly, within the boundaries of social etiquette, social media policies and the law

• Manage Twitter and other social networks via a browser, mobile or tablet using dashboard tools such as Hootsuite

• Create Twitter lists and Facebook interest filters, and explore Facebook’s subscribe option

• Understand how to optimise your social profiles, including LinkedIn, for maximum impact and assess the current status of Google+ and its uses

• Search for (and edit) Creative Commons images and explore Flickr and Instagram for personal or professional use

• Curate social content to create compelling stories (using Storify) or special interest collections (Pinterest)

• Take a logical sequence of steps, using online tools, to check and verify the origin and authenticity of social content

• Use online tools to measure the impact and reach of your social activity

Important information:

Participants will use the Google Chrome internet browser during this workshop and everyone must have an active Facebook and Twitter account and access to a universal email account (Gmail is the best).


Course Trainer

Dan Mason

Dan Mason

Dan Mason is a journalist, media consultant and trainer, specialising in digital communication and social media (Dan Mason Media). Prior to starting his training company, Dan worked extensively in the UK regional press and was the award-winning editor of daily newspapers including the Coventry Evening Telegraph and Birmingham Post. He was also managing director of Coventry Newspapers and a managing editor for Newsquest in London. Over the past five years, he has trained managers, journalists and communications professionals all over the developing world as well as in the UK.

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