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How To Self Publish

Self-publishing – online especially –  creates huge opportunity for journalists and writers of all disciplines. But it  requires a different orientation from that of traditional publishing. In this hands-on day, you’ll discover a market-led  process for what you want to write, and  how to use software that makes e book production easy.

You’ll create a personalized self-publishing road-map, which will take you from idea to realization.

Who should attend?   Journalists, marketing & PR professionals, and writers of any description who want to create, market and distribute their work themselves.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Plan your writing based on how you market and distribute
  • Understand the differences between traditional publishing and digital production
  • Scope and work your online platform for discoverability
  • Create strong hooks
  • Produce E books using WordPress and Scrivener
  • Understand how Amazon and other platforms work
  • Hack your work into different formats
  • Use what you self-publish to open up new opportunities and help achieve your goals

Testimonials from October 2015:

Anwen Baldwin, Freelance Reporter/Writer “Very interesting, informative and inspiring”

James McDonald, Freelance Writing, VJ, Training “Very useful training…. The profession of journalism is changing fast.”

Natasha Hirst, Photographer/Writer “This course has helped me define how to move a writing project forward that I’ve been stuck on for over a year”

Jamie Carter, Author and Freelance Journalist “This course has really opened my eyes to publishing e-books and how to promote it alike”

Course Trainer

Philippa Davies

Philippa Davies

Philippa Davies runs the How to Self-Publish workshop for NUJ Training Wales. Philippa was a newspaper columnist for two years, and has written 11 non-fiction books including ‘Irresistibility’, which was serialized by The Times. Her self-published novel ‘The Gritties’ made no 1 in Amazon political fiction in the UK and no 2 in the US. It is made into the film ‘Y Streic A Fi’ by S4C. Having written for BBC 1, and ITV Network, she’s also made apps and a video e-book, a vook. Philippa is web editor at fyi network, attached to Swansea University’s Computing Department and she supplies eLearning to and The Economist’s Learning’ly online.

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